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We are very pleased with the service Coach Gaines provided for our son. He was getting noticed, but after using this service he began to be noticed by many D1 universities. We have no regrets, and have been very satisfied! Our son now has a full scholarship at SMU.
Tisha Herndon
Mother of Hunter Herndon



I was a single mom of a very talented high school football player. I love the game of football and I knew that my son, Ryan had a gift to play at the college level. I just wasn't sure how to get college coaches to notice him or how to go about marketing him. Ryan had a fantastic highlight film, but we weren't exactly sure what needed to be included or excluded. I wasn't sure what approach to take and I definitely didn't want Ryan to be overlooked due to my lack of knowledge. There are so many college teams, college divisions, and I was unaware of the intensity in the recruiting process. Ryan and I decided to invite football recruiter, Justin Gaines, to our home to hear what he could do to help us and to understand all the "ins and outs" of this exciting process. Justin Gaines was friendly, honest, and a wealth of information. He looked at Ryan's highlights and told us what to cutout, keep, and exactly what the college recruiters were looking for. He wrote Ryan's profile and got his highlights sent out to 100's of colleges at the D1 and D2 level. He prepared us for recruiting trips, told us which camps were crucial to go to, and the correct timing to accept an offer. Anytime I was unsure of what to say to a college coach who called or when coaches came to our home to meet with us to discuss their interest in Ryan, he prepared us and we talked about how things went, along with our options afterwards. I feel that Justin Gaines was invaluable to us in getting Ryan a full scholarship to Northern Arizona. The fee paid for such personal service from Justin Gaines and his sincere concern for getting Ryan the right college fit to play college football was definitely worth it to us.
Linda Phillippe (Son signed a Full Scholarship at Northern Arizona)

Football Player


Coach Justin Gaines has an extensive database of coaches on every level of collegiate football. He played and coached on the D1 football level and because of that experience, he was instrumental in helping my son earn multiple Division 1 offers and ultimately a football scholarship worth over $150,000 to a great school and football program. We made the investment after Coach Gaines honestly assessed our son's highlight video, and determined that he could help get his video directly to the coaches that were recruiting his position. We can't thank Coach Gaines enough as he has changed my son's life by fulfilling his dream of playing college football.

- Jeff Hoy (Son Jordan signed Full Scholarship at Montana State University)

Justin has an extensive network of contacts through-out all levels of college football. He worked tremendously hard for our son, Nick Ralston, who signed with Arizona State University as a RB out of Argyle, TX. His ability to communicate behind the scenes directly with coaches was a key to our son's success in realizing his dream of playing college football.

- Roy & Haley Ralston

Derrick Walker



It is with great satisfaction that I write this reference for Coach Gaines services. My son is a high academic achiever and an outstanding athlete, so we wanted to ensure he would get an excellent education. I am proud to say that my son is a Freshman at Harvard! When I asked friends who have used college recruitment services and how they felt about the value, there was a recurring theme "chose wisely".

Coach Gaines was honest and upfront from our first communication. He kept his word and maintained updates to ensure my son's profile was current. Coach Gaines reached out to the top universities to find my son multiple offers. My son made the decision to accept a very generous scholarship to Harvard. Contacting and contracting with Coach Gaines was a valuable investment in my son's future.

- Derrick Walker (Son Charles signed with Harvard)

Toddrick Hall Testimonial


I had the pleasure of meeting Coach Gaines from another parent thru referral.  I made the call and he immediately took a concern for my son's future.  He would keep me updated on the progress and we would receive emails from coaches across the country.  Coach Gaines was professional and took the time to listen to our concerns and addressed them all.  I fully recommend Coach Gaines and if I had another son I would not hesitate to make the call to Coach Gaines.

- Toddrick Hall (Son Isaiah Hall signed a full scholarship to Houston Baptist)

Jacob Sisk


Coach Justin Gaines was a big asset in the recruiting process for our son. His experience and contacts with college coaches and recruiters gave us access to many more schools than we could have reached through our own efforts or just relying on the high school coaching staff. He provided a realistic assessment of our sons capability’s and then put together a targeted plan to get him in front of the right people at programs we were interested in. As a result of his work our son received a scholarship and is playing football at the D1 level. We would recommend any high school athlete who wants to play college ball to talk to Justin about how he can work with you to make that dream come true.

-Missy & Al Steinhaus (Son signed Full Ride at University of Central Arkansas)



Our experience with Coach Gaines and the recruiting process was phenomenal.  I can't say enough about the wonderful job that Coach Gaines did for our family in marketing our son nationally to football coaches coast to coast.  Coach Gaines knows how the college recruiting world works. He guided us through the process, explained what things really meant in a clear and concise way and often times, reduced the stress that a family feels. As a mom, I appreciate the honesty we received from Coach Gaines and the straight forward guidance we were given.  I knew we were in good hands.

Before working with Coach Gaines our son didn't get any football scholarship offers. Very soon after we began working with him our son began to receive many scholarship offers from universities all over the U.S. The money we spent with this program was a great investment in our son's college future and if I had to do it once again, I would definitely do it with Coach Gaines.

I'm proud to say our son is currently attending Southern Methodist University on a full ride football scholarship. 

- Sylvia Natour (Mother of Nick Natour who signed at SMU)

Nick Novac


We had a wonderful experience using Coach Gaines recruiting. Not only did he find a perfect fit for our son for his college football career--but he also called our son weekly to keep his spirits up during an injury he was recovering from during his senior year. Justin kept in touch with our entire family during the recruitment process. Justin's communication with us and our son was exemplary from start to finish. He connected well personally with our son--as well as the other athletes we've referred to him. His enthusiasm for what he does is obvious from the start! We'd happily recommend Justin to anyone searching for someone to represent their college bound football athlete!

-Mary and Mark Novak (Son Nick signed with Augustana University)

Matt Gadek


My wife and I engaged Coach Gaines to help us through the recruiting process when our son was a Junior in High School. Our son was getting quite a bit of activity through mailers, followers on Hudl and visits to his high school. We needed some insight into the recruiting process as it can be extremely confusing and overwhelming. What Coach Gaines did initially was honestly evaluate our son based on his Hudl video at an in house meeting. Coach Gaines was extremely open and honest in his evaluation and set a realistic expectation of what we could expect in the recruiting process based on his experience which is what you are paying for in addition to his contacts and relationships at various Universities. During the summer months Coach Gaines provided direction on what camps to attend based on his evaluation. One of the things I would suggest is to just do what Coach Gaines tells you to do. If the evaluation process identifies that your son/daughter is not a D1 player and is more likely a D2 or NAIA player I would suggest embracing the feedback. Coach Gaines helped us maximize our time and money to put our son in situations that could possibly result in a scholarship. When the recruiting heated up Coach Gaines was on speed dial to talk through conversations with coaches and determine how to approach each individual opportunity. At the end of the day our son had multiple offers and Coach Gaines helped us narrow down our focus and make a good decision. As a result of this process our son will be playing D1 football at The University of Northern Colorado and is now a Bear. Coach Gaines helped our family through this process and we were extremely grateful to have him as a trusted advisor!

-Brian Gadek (Father of Matt Gadek at University of Northern Colorado)